Indices Trading

Lionstock brings to you the most powerful indices
in the world, a basket of enormous opportunities.
Open your trades and convert your small
investments into larger profits.

Trade NASDAQ, S&P 500, EUREX,
AUS 200 Indices with Lionstock

Trading Indices expose you to a wider number of opportunities, because you do not consider stocks individually anymore, you treat them as a single unit. Indices are used to measure the performance of a sector, industry or economy as a whole. Here, same as for stocks there is no need to own parts of indices, you are able to speculate on the direction of the prices. You can trade in both directions, when prices go up and down also.

The point is that you do not need much capital to trade on indices. You can choose one of the leverage options we are offering and boost your trading experience with Lionstock . Of course, leverage will also raise your losses, so use it wisely. Putting your strategies in practice in powerful trading platforms like MT4 and Web Trader, you will see your profits grow step by step. With Lionstock , you can trade on NASDAQ, S&P 500, EUREX, AUS200 indices and more. Stay on the top of the market by investing pieces of your capital in different indices.

Explore trading opportunities with transparent price structure and commission policies. You have a wide variety to choose and diversify your trading portfolio. Lately, the most favorite indices are the ones which represent tech companies, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical sector.